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Water Integrity Network website issues

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Maha Oya, Sri Lanka, Illegal Sandmining

Illegal Sand Mining SrilankaIllegal Sand Mining SrilankaLeft sand mine #3Left sand mine #3(b)Left sand mine #2Left sand mine #1
Huge functioning sand mine (A)Functioning sand mine #2Functioning sand mine #1Illegal Sand Mining SrilankaIllegal Sand Mining SrilankaSand mining

Here are some photos from the Maha Oya river basin in Sri Lanka by Nikolai Polivach. This river basin has been suffering from an onslaught of illegal sand mining, but a campaign has helped in curbing illegal mining in many areas. For more read the publication on Curbing Illegal Sand Mining (…)

Corruption in the water sector – a perspective from Sierra Leone

Mustapha Sesay is a member of the WASH journalists network and a West Africa Water Integrity Ambassador. He is one of the participants of the regional Water Integrity Training that was organised in Cap Verde in December 2013.

The high rate of corruption in the Water Sector continues to have devastating effects on the lives of the deprived and marginalized communities in developing countries to the point that many die from either contamination or water related diseases.


20 Years of Neglected Water Facilities in Taiama, Moyamba District

Read More…

Impressions from the Budapest Water Summit: Does the water sector send the right message and do we move to integrity as a key factor for sustainability?

This entry was written by Teun Bastemeijer. Teun Bastemeijer is currently Director of the Water Integrity Network at TI. He has many years of international experience in the water and urban development sectors.


A first impression that I share with those who were there is that, especially with the exceptionally nice weather, Budapest was really worth the visit especially with friendly people  in the streets who  were very kind in helping me out when lost (with my renowned poor sense of orientation in all cities) to even get to the conference venue . The majestic views of the Danube river made up for fatigue after long, and sometimes not so exciting sessions during the conference.  But that’s why I was there and I followed the maximum without hopping too much from one session to the other. Read More…

Interview with keynote speakers at the Water Integrity Forum

Aziza Akhmouch is leading the Water Governance Programme of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Her field of expertise covers a wide range of governance topics including multi-level governance, capacity building, stakeholder engagement, river/groundwater governance, water security and integrity. She has developed policy tools to diagnose major governance gaps in the water sector and provide policy guidance to decision-makers at different levels to bridge them. She is the author of several OECD water governance (country and cross-country) reports and working papers in the OECD, Latin America and Mediterranean region. Read More…