Water Integrity Space – A place to learn, understand and find solutions

Addressing corruption in the water sector is not an easy task. We need to understand the complexity of how corruption manifests itself in the interaction between people and institutions. Improving our knowledge of corruption and integrity problems in the water sector, learning from the experience of others and using anti-corruption instruments can pave the way for positive change in the governance of water resources.

This is why the Water Integrity Network has developed the Water Integrity Space, a new platform for knowledge exchange among members of the public. The Water Integrity Space is a place to learn, share experiences and find solutions.

The Water Integrity Space offers user-friendly search functions for resources on water and integrity from around the world, sorted into three sections:

The Literature Section includes articles and books from different organisations and journals on the topic of corruption and integrity in areas including water, energy, food and hydropower.



The Cases Section contains a variety of case studies from around the world where organisations show which projects and methods they have implemented to address corruption in water.



The Tools Section showcases a portfolio of instruments and methods which can be used to take action, to assess corruption risks and to create capacities.



Have a look at our space to see for yourself what it has to offer to you, by clicking here.

You can also contribute to the Water Integrity Space by sharing tools, case studies or other publications, and the staff at Water Integrity Network will make them available in the Space. Send us your resources at tools@win-s.org. Find out more about the new Water Integrity Space on Transparency International’s News Feature.

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